Sandra Zavala for Vancouver School Board

My name is Sandra Zavala- Ortega

I am running to continue my work on the Vancouver School Board because I am able to influence policy making decisions and support my community in a larger perspective.

Leading with a new perspective

As your current Vancouver Public Schools director, my priority is to strengthen our district and rebuild hope for our families after difficult times. Being a proud VPS graduate and mother of a current student with special needs, I am profoundly grateful for my formative experiences at VPS.

When beginning kindergarten at Anderson Elementary, I knew no English; but was proficient by graduation, and fully prepared for college. As our district’s diversity grows, it is essential that these same opportunities are provided to all students. Our future depends on our students reaching their full potential. Their success is our success.

My unique experiences provide me with insight and motivation to meet our students’ needs and challenges and I ask for your vote!

My vision

Vancouver School Board

Community Leadership

Current VPS Board Member

Appointed in April 2021

Parent Teacher Organization - Co-President

2020 - Current Co-President PTO

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Active Faith Community, LULAC Member, Youth Programs and Outreach

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